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The Wonderful Sounds Of Male Vocals - AA.VV.

The Wonderful Sounds Of Male Vocals - AA.VV.

Double SACD Hybrid Stereo - Made in USA - Analogue Productions - SEALED
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Etichettaanalogue productions
capp 131 sa
TitoloThe Wonderful Sounds Of Male Vocals Title
TracklistVEDI FOTOSEE PICSTracklist
SACD Ibrido
Può essere suonato anche su un normale lettore CD
SACD Hybrid
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CD player
NoteMade in USANotes
Stampa del

Remastered By Ryan Smith At Sterling Sound!
The SACD You Grab When You Want To Show Off Your System!

Ready for another go with A-list caliber demo tracks? Following up on The Wonderful Sounds of Christmas, and Female Vocals, Analogue Productions has put together The Wonderful Sounds of Male Vocals - stone-cold killers from the first song to the last!

When you want to show off your hi-fi system's potential, why waste time with multiple albums? Skip the searching, un-sleeving, re-sleeving and more - and give your audiophile friends what they like to hear. Grab this album and you'll hear show stoppers by Amos Lee, Dean Martin, Aaron Neville, Roy Orbison, Willie Nelson, Pure Prairie League, Harry Belafonte, Pete Seeger, The Beach Boys, Willy DeVille, Greg Brown, JD Souther, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Tony Bennett, Harry Nilsson, Tony Joe White - and what would a male vocal compilation be without the truly great Elvis Presley? Just how good older recordings can sound when the touch of an exceptional mastering engineer is involved is demonstrated by the matchless Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound.

Like others in the Wonderful Sounds series, this album works well as entertainment and as a great sampler of the LPs, mostly released by Analogue Productions.

Michael Fremer, of and Stereophile Magazine, walks you through each track and its historic place with very thorough and entertaining liners.

From "Fever" to "Spanish Jack," and "Amie" to "Blue Bayou" and everything in between - "Georgia on My Mind," "(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco," "Silver Blue" and more - you'll be relishing this album with each play. Make the easy selection and enjoy listening.

Can't stop exploring The Wonderful Sounds Of Male Vocals! The album is stunning not only because of the exemplary high standard of recording it showcases, but also because of the satisfying range of artists and music genres presented across the four sides. There are wonderful surprises to discover as well as wonderful sounds.
-Kevin Howlett, award-winning U.K.-based radio producer/writer (vinyl review)
Use this compilation as a 'listening booth' to discover unfamiliar music or just enjoy song after great well-recorded 'demo quality' song. While some like Aaron Neville's cover of John Hiatt's 'Feels Like Rain' and The Beach Boys' 'In My Room' will be familiar others probably won't be - like Willis Alan Ramsey's 'Sympathy for a Train', Willy DeVille's 'Spanish Jack' and perhaps JD Souther's 'Silver Blue' (with Stanley Clarke on bass). Many fans of Belafonte at Carnegie Hall have never heard the encore 'Scarlet Ribbons,' which is here too.
-Michael Fremer, Analog Planet, Music 10/11, Sound 10/11 (vinyl review)


  • Super Audio CD
  • SACD Stereo SACD Layer
  • Hybrid Stereo SACD plays in both CD and SACD players, as well as all SACD-compatible DVD players
  • Mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound
  • Liner Notes by Michael Fremer


  1. I'm Confessin' (That I Love You) - Dean Martin
  2. Arms of a Woman - Amos Lee
  3. Silver Blue - JD Souther
  4. Try Me One More Time - Tennessee Ernie Ford
  5. It Feels Like Rain - Aaron Neville
  6. Amie - Pure Prairie League
  7. (I Left My Heart) In San Francisco - Tony Bennett
  8. Blue Bayou - Roy Orbison
  9. George On My Mind - Willie Nelson
  10. Sympathy for a Train - Willis Alan Ramsey
  11. Ramblin' Boy - Pete Seeger (The Weavers)
  12. In My Room (Stereo Version) - The Beach Boys
  13. Brand New '64 Dodge - Greg Brown
  14. Scarlet Ribbons - Harry Belafonte
  15. (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me) - Elvis Presley
  16. Losing Hand - Harry Belafonte
  17. Spanish Jack - Willy DeVille
  18. Fever - Elvis Presley
  19. Did Somebody Make a Fool out of You - Tony Joe White
  20. Coconut - Harry Nilsson