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Exclusive interview with Mark Dohmann of Dohmann Audio

During the planned staying of Mr. Dohmann in our showroom for the upgrade of our Helix One MKII ...
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Purchase and sale of new and second hand LP vinyls of all musical genres

  Perhaps not all of our customers know that we of Musica &a...
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Vinyl LP flattering service by AFI Flat.2

This service is available only for Italian customers. Please write or phone us for further info....
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Cleaning vinyl LP service by our Degritter machine

This service is available only for ITALIAN customers. Please call or write us for any further info....
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We are proud to announce that our company has entered into a partnership with the Manley brand c...
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DERENEVILLE-MAGIC-MAT - New IMPROVED serie - The best MAT you can buy
Koetsu Black Goldline Cartridge - NEW IN BOX  - Worldwide shipping
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Call us for a listening session in our big showroom. You will be KING for one day!
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Musica & Video is ALIENO authorized dealer. ALIENO preamplifier and ALIENO power amplifier are available... call us for a listening session!
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We have thousand of LPs - CDs - SACDs. See our web catalog or pay a visit to our shop in Ravenna.
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Musica & Video is the Italian exclusive authorized dealer for Dohmann turntables. The Helix One MKII turntable is available for a listening session.
Simply S T R E P I T O S O!
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Musica & Video is the Italian exclusive authorized distributor for Audio Consulting Switzerland.  The Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Preamplifier is available for a listening session.
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Musica & Video is the Italian exclusive authorized dealer for Manley Hi-Fi. The phono preamps Steehead RC, the Chinook and the Integrated Amplifier Stingray II are available for a listening session.
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Musica & Video is Acoustical Systems Italian distributor. Smartractor - Smartstylus - Helox Clamp - Archè headshell and many more!

Musica & Video

The online shop for music lovers: High Fidelity, vinyl LPs, CDs, XRCDs, SACDs, recorded magnetic tapes, accessories for Hi-Fi, vinyls and CDs.
If music is your passion, our online shop offers you Hi-Fi components selected by us among the most important and innovative on the market: turntables, digital players, professional reel to reel recorders, amplifiers, pre-amps and loudspeakers.
And if you prefer, we also have a large section dedicated to second-hand Hi-Fi material; everything, of course, checked, tested and guaranteed.
In our large MUSIC catalog you will find thousands of new and second-hand vinyl LPs, XRCDs, SACDs, CDs and recorded magnetic tapes.
In the Accessories area you can choose from cables, accessories for turntables, accessories for cleaning vinyls and CDs, ultrasonic cleaning machines, electrical multi-sockets, audio valves, original spare parts and more.
We ship most orders, worldwide, on the same day of reception of order or within the next 24 hours.
Professional packaging, courier shipments and deliveries within 24-48 hours throughout Italy (worldwide may change, it depend on destination country)
We are also a large shop with 5 rooms; come and visit our two Audio rooms by booking a listening session.
You can also choose your favorite LPs and CDs in the room dedicated to them or move among the many opportunities in the room reserved to second-hand material.
Musica & Video, a reference point for audiophiles and musicophiles.
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We buy new and second hand vynils, also very big collections.