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Welcome to MUSICA&VIDEO - ITALY Web Site
AnalogMagik - All In One Cartridge Setup Software & Test LPs
A Scientific & Repeatable Method To Calibrate: Speed, Wow & Flutter, Azimuth, VTA, VTF, Anti-skating, Loading, Gain, Vibrations & Resonance Freq.
All In One Cartridge Setup  Software & Test LPs ​ A Scientific & Repeatable Method To Calibrate: Speed, Wow & Flutter, Azimuth, VTA, VTF, Anti-skating,... [read]

... [read]
ALIENO - Power amplifier - 250 Watt / channel - OTL-OCL - It's here!
Look and hear it in our showroom
ALIENO   Power Amplifier 250 Watt per channel Two 300B tubes Two chassis OTL-OCL Pure Class A We ship all over the world For further infos about... [read]
AVALON SAGA - A dream come true - Have a listening session in our acoustically

After the official press and public presentation, which took place on March 23rd and 24th, the Avalon SAGA loudspeakers, one of our rarest and most important "pearls",... [read]

... [read]

... [read]

... [read]
FOSTEX headphones - Available and listenable a complete range of headphones
Powered by the FOSTEX HP-A8mk2 AMPLI / DAC
Starting from 1 January 2018 a complete range of FOSTEX headphones are available and LISTENABLE at our showroom. All of them are powered by a Fostex top-of-the-range APLI/DAC ... [read]
Musica & Video is the official Italian distributor for Acoustical Systems products
Cartridges - Tonearms - Turntables - Shell - Clamp - Accessories
Musica & Video - Ravenna, a far data dal 1° Settembre 2017, è il distributore ufficiale per l’Italia dei prodotti Acoustical Systems. La decisione è maturata... [read]
Yes! We buy and trade second hand vinyl LPs...
Single LP or big quantities
Yes! We buy second hand vinyl LPs. Have you some LPs or a whole collection to sell? Just call us! +39544419138 or +393398794905 Or email us: We pay... [read]
Professional Master Tape Recorders Open Reels STUDER - TELEFUNKEN - ABE - TASCAM
Also availabe all accessories like Blank Tapes (RMGi) - Metal and plastic reels - NAB and many more
To see all our PROFESSIONAL MASTER RECORDERS OPEN REELS and ACCESSORIES please CLICK HERE   To read about our policy, guarantee and many more about our PROFESSIONAL MASTER... [read]
MA Recordings now on Vinyl
Todd Garfinkle, from USA with... passion.
Musica & Video is now an MA Recordings Authorized Dealer. Todd Garfinkle, the deus ex machina of the label Made in USA, is a well-known characted on the record and audiophile market;... [read]
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