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MUSIC TOOLS - ENTASIS Loudspeaker stands

MUSIC TOOLS - ENTASIS Loudspeaker stands

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Color, High, Structure top finish
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€ 820,00
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€ 820,00


MusicTools’ design plays a decisive role, meeting musical and functional demands in existing living environments. All MusicTools products and components are designed and manufactured in Italy for satistying the most demanding audiophiles. MusicTools has been present for many years in national and internation exhibitions in our industry and has won numerous awards for their achievements.


ENTASIS - Loudspeaker stands


Loudspeaker stands with a central tube steel structure of 90 mm diameter that is filled with the FILLIN acoustic damping compound.
All models are supplied with adjustable spikes for accurate floor coupling and Blu-Tack for loudspeaker and stand coupling.

- Stoved soundproofing paint
- three different heights: 52, 62 and 72 cm
- set of 8 FLOOR-SAVER ø 20 stainless steel supplied.

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