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The Stockholm Cathedral Choir - Now the Green Blade Riseth -- LP 33 giri 180 gr. Made in EU - Edizione limitata - AudioNautes - SIGILLATO

The Stockholm Cathedral Choir - Now the Green Blade Riseth -- LP 33 giri 180 gr. Made in EU - Edizione limitata - AudioNautes - SIGILLATO

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Etichettaaudionautes recordings
TitoloNow the Green Blade RisethTitle
ArtistaThe Stockholm Cathedral ChoirArtist
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LP 33 giri 180gr
LP 33 rpm 180grSupport
Made inEUMade in
Stampa del2020Pressing

 Limited Edition 180g Vinyl LP
Mastered Direct From Original Master Tapes!
Pressed at Pallas in Germany!

The Stockholm Cathedral Choir and a children's choir sing hymns -- old and modern -- in a new way, arranged by Bengt Berg for organ, guitar, flute and bass. Simple, straightforward organ and guitar accompaniments carry the melody with clarity, while flutes sound playful under the church's vaulted ceiling. This album was recorded in 1981 and is popular among audiophiles for its sheer sound quality. Exquisite recording!


  • HQ-180g Premium Vinyl
  • Pure analog recording
  • Mastering by Scott Hull (Masterdisk, NY) from the original master tapes
  • Pressed at Pallas in Germany


The Stockholm Cathedral Choir
Gustaf Sjokvistdirector


Side A:

  1. There's A Wideness In God's Mercy
  2. When He Comes
  3. There Is A Road To Heaven
  4. Thou Whom Shepherds Worshipped
  5. Loves Coma Is Come Again
  6. When We Share The Bread That He Gives Us
  7. God And Man At Table Are Sat Down
  8. The Love Of God Is Broad Like Beach And Meadow
  9. Said Judas To Mary
  10. God, When You Breathe

Side B:

  1. Your Name, O Jesus Is A Comfort
  2. Sorrow And Joy Go Hand In Hand
  3. I Know Of A Dark And Gloomy Garden
  4. Walk Carefully O Christian
  5. O, Jesus Mine, What Wrong Have You Done?
  6. Just One Day, One Moment At Time
  7. My Soul, You Must Now Forget
  8. O Christ, Who Art The Light And Day
  9. Hope Gives Rest To My Redeemed Soul
  10. Spread Your Wings Over Me
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