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Michel Legrand - Legrand Jazz -- Doppio LP 45 giri 180 gr. Made in USA - IMPEX - Edizione limitata - SIGILLATO

Michel Legrand - Legrand Jazz -- Doppio LP 45 giri 180 gr. Made in USA - IMPEX - Edizione limitata - SIGILLATO

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TitoloLegrand JazzTitle
ArtistaMichel LegrandArtist
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Doppio LP 45 giri 180gr
Double LP 45 rpm 180gSupport
Made inUSAMade in
Stampa del2019Pressing
100% Analog 180g 45rpm Vinyl!
Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering!
Pressed at RTI!

Brand New All-Analog Mastering by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering! Hear this album as it was meant to be heard! Absolutely Stunning!

Steve Hoffman Says: "Order your copy now. Best place would be Elusive Disc, Inc. Hurry before it sells out!"


The greatest assembly of musical talent ever on one album! Features Performances by John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Ben Webster & 27 More Jazz Greats!

Pressed at Record technology for silent surfaces and true fidelity to the analog source.

Exclusive large-format booklet with new art and an appreciation by Tom Schnabel (Rhythm Planet & KCRW).

Academy and Grammy ® Award-winning composer/arranger Michel Legrand (The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Summer of '42, The Thomas Crown Affair) was not a household name in America in 1958, but he was renowned among musicians and a life-long fanatic of American jazz and its players. Legrand Jazz is the result of Legrand traveling to America and using his Columbia Records contract to enlist label mates (and soon to be legends) Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers, Ben Webster, Hank Jones, Herbie Mann, Phil Woods, Donald Byrd, Art Farmer, Sheldon Powell, Teo Macero, Milt Hinton, Jimmy Cleveland, and others to record his fantastical reimagining of 11 jazz standards. Not merely content to lay down another Parisian hard-bop play-along, the 27 year old worked against type and expectations at every turn, creating a moody, idiosyncratic landscape for unusual call-and-response chase solos, washes of harp and vibes, and sultry horn canvases. Davis, Coltrane and the others manage to fall in with the diverse, mellow flow of Legrand's arrangements while keeping their unique musical voices.

Impex's pristine release was mastered by Chris Bellman on Bernie Grundman's All-Tube cutting lathe from a 2-track, all-analog mix down of the original studio work prints, made especially for Impex Records by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios in New York. The results are revelatory. The large recording space is captured in every detail, while Davis' full force dynamic variations come through with incredible veracity. The gentle ebb-and-flow of Legrand's parts highlight microtonal fluctuations on every track. You are along for a magic carpet ride of large jazz ensemble recording when you drop the needle into these grooves.

Packaged in meticulously recreated outer jacket in a gatefold with an original photo montage inside honoring Michel Legrand's masterpiece of reinvention and focused fan-boy enthusiasm. This release will be individually numbered up to 3,000!

The sound of Impex's all-analog LP preserves the wide soundstage of late 1950's Columbia recordings while creating intimate spaces between players on the stage for maximum definition. On 33rpm, this rare, highly-praised recording had never sounded so good. Now that it's on 45rpm double LP? Even Better!!! Go big with Legrand Jazz.

"With superb performances, exquisite surfaces, perfect LP cutting and pressing, and Impex Records’ extremely high production standards, Legrand Jazz is in my current estimation the ultimate reissue ever. Legrand Jazz is a true reference LP and worth including in any top-notch record library for the jazz aficionado or devoted audiophile." - Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback Online, August 29, 2017 (about 33rpm version)

"This IMPEX reissue is sourced from an 'analog mix-down transfer of the original 1958 work tape by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios' and cut by Chris Bellman and Bob Donnelly at Bernie Grundman Mastering on Grundman's all-tube mastering system. I have a clean, original 6-Eye pressing that this superbly pressed reissue betters in every way. This will make both your stereo and your heart sing. Some of the greatest jazz musicians of that or any era wailing and clearly having a Legrand time. Limited to 3000 [numbered] copies. Don't miss it!" - Michael Fremer, Analog Planet (about 33rpm version)

"Jazz lovers! Do you want to support audiophile record labels that go the extra mile? Well, Impex Records does, and this is proof! Abey Fonn who runs Impex Records just gave me her personal copy of this, hot off the press, the newly cut 45 RPM version, mastered at Bernie Grundman by the handsome Chris Bellman and my long time vinyl buddy Bob Donnelly on the Bernie Grundman Mastering Studios all vacuum tube cutting system earlier this year. In fact, I think it is the first cutting using the original analog work parts since 1959. Pressed on heavy vinyl at Record Technology Inc. by Rick Hashimoto and the RTI gang, this really has to be the greatest assembly of musical talent ever on one album. Features performances by John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Ben Webster & 27 more Jazz Greats, all in glorious analog stereophonic sound. Nice booklet enclosed, layout by Impex Records jack-of-all-trades Robert Sliger. This is a true jazz sleeper album, a gem in the Columbia Records' jazz catalog, now reissued in grand audiophile style by Impex Records. All analog mastering, (no digital anywhere in the chain), this is a real treat for jazz and jazz vinyl collectors everywhere. The sound quality is amazing as well. All in all a beautiful package, quiet vinyl, wonderful, dynamic sound, great performances, a little known jazz gem given a Legrand audiophile treatment! This is something that you should grab while you can, music lovers. A real Legrand treat for the senses! This has been on my VPI Industries Avenger turntable for a week, non-stop! Hurry before it sells out!" - Steve Hoffman, via Facebook

"There is no question that the version I was sent for review on Impex Records is the definitive version of 'Legrand Jazz'. And the sound quality? Second to none. Yes, to be expected, there is a bit of tape hiss in the background, it was recorded in stereo in 1958, after all. But other than that, there is not much I could say that wouldn't sound as if I was simply reciting audiophile clichés. This album is demo disc quality with music on it that not many that I know will walk out on. Besides this double 45 rpm version Impex also pressed a version on a single 33 rpm LP, and an SACD. Those lamenting about LP's rising prices might use the double 45 LP version as fuel for their argument, priced on Amazon at nearly $60. But really, how many audiophiles haven't seen a single audiophile pressing priced at $30? Plus, the pressing is limited to 3000 numbered copies and packaged in a thick gatefold cover with a 14-page 'large format' booklet with rare photos and art, and an appreciation by Tom Schnabel. One spin should convince every audiophile who purchases this album that their money was money well spent." - Tom Lyle,, July 2019

• 45rpm 180 Gram Vinyl
• Double LP
• Mastered by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman Mastering
• Analog mix-down transfer of original 1958 work tapes by Mark Wilder at Battery Studios, New York, NY
• Pressed at Record Technology
• Gatefold jacket housed inside a resealable, protective plastic sleeve
• Exclusive large-format booklet with new art & an appreciation by Tom Schnabel (Rhythm Planet & KCRW)

Michel Legrand, conductor, arranger (All songs)

For "The Jitterbug Waltz," "Django," "Wild Man Blues" & "'Round Midnight" Recorded June 25, 1958 (New York City)
Herbie Mann, flute
Betty Glamann, harp
Barry Calbraith, guitar
Miles Davis, trumpet
John Coltrane, tenor sax
Phil Woods, alto sax
Jerome Richardson, baritone sax, bass clarinet
Eddie Costa, vibes
Bill Evans, piano
Paul Chambers, bass
Kenny Dennis, drums

For "Nuages," "Blue And Sentimental," "Rosetta" & "Don't Get Around Much Anymore" Recorded June 27, 1958 (New York City)
Ben Webster, tenor sax
Herbie Mann, flute
Frank Rehak, trombone
Billy Byers, trombone
Jimmy Cleveland, trombone
Eddie Bert, trombone
Major Holly, bass, tuba
Don Lamond, drums
Hank Jones, piano
George Duvivier, bass

For "Night In Tunisia," "Stompin' At The Savoy" & "In A Mist" Recorded June 30, 1958 (New York City)
Ernie Royal, trumpet
Art Farmer, trumpet
Donald Byrd, trumpet
Joe Wilder, trumpet
Frank Rehak, trombone
Jimmy Cleveland, trombone
Gene Quill, alto sax
Phil Woods, alto sax
Seldon Powell, tenor sax
Teo Macero, baritone sax
James Buffington, French horn
Don Elliot, vibes
Milt Hinton, bass
Osie Johnson, drums
Nat Pierce, piano

1. The Jitterbug Waltz (Fats Waller)
2. Nuages (Django Reinhardt)
3. Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie)
4. Blue And Sentimental (Count Basie)
5. Stompin' At The Savoy (Benny Goodman)
6. Django (John Lewis)
7. Wild Man Blues (Jelly Roll Morton)
8. Rosetta (Earl Hines)
9. 'Round Midnight (Thelonious Monk)
10. Don't Get Around Much Anymore (Duke Ellington)
11. In A Mist (Bix Beiderbecke)

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