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The Syd Lawrence Orchestra - Big Band Spectacular - Doppio LP 33 giri 180 gr. DIRECT TO DISC - Chasing the Dragon - SIGILLATO

The Syd Lawrence Orchestra - Big Band Spectacular - Doppio LP 33 giri 180 gr. DIRECT TO DISC - Chasing the Dragon - SIGILLATO

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EtichettaChasing the Dragon  VALDC002Label
TitoloBig Band SpectacularTitle
ArtistaThe Syd Lawrence OrchestraArtist
TracklistVEDI descrizioneSEE descrizioneTracklist
CoverSIGILLATO                         SEALED    Cover
SupportoDoppio LP 33  giri 180 gr
Double LP 33 rpm 180 gr
NoteMade in  UK                     Made in UKNotes

180g Audiophile Double LP Pressed at Optimal Records!

In creating this double album, producer Mike Valentine wanted to explore the sound differences between direct cut vinyl and a multi track analogue tape recording and mix down, of exactly the same event. Because the album had to be recorded live, he had to first choose a selection of music which would be of the perfect length. Next came the musicians and Valentine felt so lucky to have to opportunity in working with the UK's leading big band, The Syd Lawrence Orchestra.

Finally, he had to find a recording studio which not only had a superb sounding space, it also had to have an engineer versed in the black art of cutting live vinyl. Well, what did their adventure reveal? Please judge for yourself, for Valentine hopes that you have as much fun in listening, as they had in creating these discs. Valentine also think you may enjoy how they recorded the event by watching the supplied DVD.

• Double LP
• LP 1: Direct Cut to Vinyl
• LP 2: Same session via 24-track mixdown to 1/2" tape @ 30ips
• DVD - behind the scenes look at how the albums were created
• 180g Vinyl
• Pressed at Optimal Records

LP 1 & 2:
Side A:

1. Sing Sing Sing
2. Moonlight Serenade
3. Begin the Beguine
4. American Patrol
Side B:
1. In the Mood
2. String of Pearls
3. Little Brown Jug
4. Anvil Chorus