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Chie Ayado - To You -- Numbered Limited Edition SHM-XRCD24 - SIGILLATO

Chie Ayado - To You -- Numbered Limited Edition SHM-XRCD24 - SIGILLATO

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€ 55,90


Master Music Ltd - MESXRCD 99804

Chie Ayado
To You


Supporto: Numbered Limited Edition SHM-XRCD24

Numbered, Limited Edition SHM-XRCD24!

Chie is a New York-trained international sensation, performing to dozens of packed houses a year. Her unique phrasing and soulful playing is adored by millions of fans. These recordings are in the vein of Three Blind Mice, which is a great thing indeed.

Influenced by her parents' hobbies, Chie has been surrounded by jazz and Hollywood movies from an early age. She first studied classical piano but soon began to swing, and grew up as a kid that always preferred gospel to psalms. When she was 17 years old, she scraped together all the money she had saved from part-time jobs and left for the land of dreams; the U.S. West Coast.

After marrying, giving birth then divorcing her husband, she moved back to Japan in 1991. She began to sing in a jazz club in Osaka. Thanks to rumors of her vocal performance she soon made a name for herself in the local jazz scene.

The June 1998 release "For All We Know" marked Chie's debut as a professional jazz musician at the age of 40. Since then Chie has been touring regularly across Japan. With the help of fans spreading the word via the internet she managed to establish a reputation as an outstanding female singer. Soon her concerts were sold out as soon as they were announced.

In March 2001, Chie received the 51st Ministry of Education and Science Cultural Promotional Award. Harboring an aversion against settling for one thing, Chie has been exploring territories outside the realm of jazz. Her repertory extends to 20's swing jazz to the rock pop standards.

musicandvideo it p500995-chie-ayado-to-you-numbered-limited-edition-shm-xrcd24-sigillato 006 SHM-XRCD24 (Super High Material XRCD24) is the ultimate XRCD24 that utilizes the materials and technologies that were developed for the SHM-CD to further enhance the audio-resolution. These discs are made with polycarbonate developed for the screen of the liquid crystal display. As it has a higher transparency, players can read the signal more faithfully. Also, it excels in fluidity, which enables you to cast a more accurate pit. What works wonders for a low resolution format such as CD should offer even greater sonic improvements in a real high resolution format such as XRCD24.

This extended resolution CD 24 (XRCD24) from JVC brings the listener higher fidelity and improved audio quality by enhancing the process of mastering and manufacturing compact discs. The xrcd24 is compatible with all CD players.

• Numbered, Limited Edition
• Made in Japan

musicandvideo it p500995-chie-ayado-to-you-numbered-limited-edition-shm-xrcd24-sigillato 007
 1. A House of Gold (Hank Williams)
 2. I Got a Name (Norman Gimbel/Charles Fox)
 3. Imagine (John Lennon)
 4. God Bless' The Child (Arthur Herzog, Jr. & Billie Holliday)
 5. With a Little Help from My Friends (John Lennon & Paul McCartney)
 6. Without You
 7. On and On (Stephen Bishop)
 8. The River of No Return (Ken Darby/Lionel Newman)
 9. Never My Love (Don Addrisi & Dick Addrisi)
 10. Fly Me To the Moon
 11. Lucille (Albert Collins & Richard Penniman)
 12. My Dear Life
 13. Oh My Darling Clementine
 14. My Way (Paul Anka/Claude Francois & Jacques Revaux)