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Mystère - Tube Amplifiers - Musica & Video is Mystère Authorized Dealer

The champion in quality and.. in price.

The brand Mystère might seem a newcomer to the world Hi-Fi ... but it is not.
The brand, owned by The Netherland Company Durob Audio, has already established since some years and was founded by the same team of engineers that has brought success to the electronics Prima Luna.
All rigorously tubes amplifiers, Mystère catalogue includes two Integrated Amplifiers, two Line Amplifiers and two Power Amplifiers.

Available in our showroom are both the Integrated Amplifiers, the Mystère ia11 (40 Watts per channel) and Mystère ia21 (50 Watts per channel).
The price is heavily discounted compared to the official street price; this is thanks to the efforts of the Italian distributor and our promotional policy applied, for time being, to this brand.

This is and unmissable opportunity to enter the world of Hi-Fi tube Amplifiers through the front door thanks to a product of great quality and delicious sound at an affordable price.

Find prices and characteristics of Mystère  Integrated Amplifiers by clicking below:

Mystère ia11

Mystère ia21