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Over 5000 LPs of Classic Music on sale, very soon, on our web site - Stay tuned!

We are proud to annouce that we have acquired an incredible lot of vinyl LPs of Classical Music (Symphony, Opera, Sacred, Chamber etc.) consisting of over 5,000 titles including many Boxset.

Original Decca, London, RCA Living Stereo, Mercury Living Presence, Everest, EMI, Columbia, Westminster etc.
Great audiophile pressing of prestigious labels such as:
The Super Analogue Disc (Japan), Classic Records, Chesky, Reference Recordings, DCC, Testament, Speakers Corner and many more.

In the coming weeks we will insert in our web site the first individual titles (also available for purchase at our store).
We suggest you monitor our section NEW ARRIVALS not to lose the opportunity to purchase these LP, individually or in greater quantities.

If in the meantime you are looking for some title of the labels listed above or of different labels
(In the collection there are dozens of other labels) please email to:
As soon as possible we will check the availability and will keep you informed.