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Gran Galà dell'Alta Fedeltà Milano 2016 - NH Fiera Rho Hotel Milano Rho - 19th e 20th November 2016

We will be present, as exhibitors,
at the Grand Gala of the High Fidelity Milan which will be held  Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of November inside the NH Hotel Fiera Rho - Milan.
Our room is the BORA BORA, first floor.

You will find and you can buy:
- More than 1,000 LPs of which:
# Many rarities out of print
# Audiophile labels of great quality
# Many LP on offer from 3 €
- Hundreds of CDs and SACDs on offer from just 3 €
- Accessories for vinyl LPs and turntables
- Accessories and tapes for Open Reel Master Recorders

With us will be Mr. Fabio Liberatore, "The Recorderman",  of which MUSICA & VIDEO is an authorized dealer.
Great Open Reel Mastere Recorders!
Be there!!