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Loudspeakers INDIANA LINE - New arrivals: DIVA 660 - DIVA 650 - DIVA 262

Available in stock many models of loudspeakers Indiana Line including the new DIVA 650.

Diva 660 and 650 warrants the performances needed to meet the musical quality precision, dynamic range and power handling capability required by the most advanced recording techniques, recreating in your listening room the engaging emotion of a live concert as well the special effects of an action movie. But they are mainly characterized by remarkable definition and naturalness in the voice reproduction, with fast and very accurate transient response, with low frequencies are warm and full bodied.
To ensure an effective decoupling from the floor, the die-cast aluminium feet are equipped with anti-vibration rubber pads.

Diva 660 and 650 are finished with a stylish black high-gloss lacquer.

No to forget the DIVA 262 with a stylish black high-gloss lacquer, with remarkable performance and great value / price.