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MA Recordings now on Vinyl

Todd Garfinkle, from USA with... passion.
Musica & Video is now an MA Recordings Authorized Dealer.
Todd Garfinkle, the deus ex machina of the label Made in USA, is a well-known characted on the record and audiophile market; exquisite man has a great reputation and he made great recordings for years that are known and appreciated not only by the audiophiles.
Many will recall titles such as "Serà una Noche", "Luz Destino", "Calamus", "Senhora da Lapa" (and many more), fascinating ethnic-classical frescoes of which many (Bebo Moroni among them) fell in love.
From a few weeks, some of his best recordings are finally available on vinyl.
Mastering is all made in USA, under the supervision of Mr. Garfinkle, pressing on 180 gram vinyl is made in the Netherlands by one of the best pressing factories available.

The first title to be mentioned is "SERA' UNA NOCHE" available in a double version, at speeds of 45 rpm, both on standard BLACK vinyl and in limited edition on RED vinyl.
Very interesting are Bach's "VARIAZIONI GOLDBERG" by Ito Ema on piano on 33 rpm vinyl.
Very, very nice, the double vinyl at 45 rpm "OPENING" of the trio Jazz Landaeus-Danielsson-Falt.

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