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Audia Flight FLS 10 - The new IntegrateAmplifier by AUDIA - 200/380/700 (8/4/2 ohm) Wrms per channel

Finally available and in demo at our showroom the new Integrated Amplifier AUDIA.
The FLS 10 is an integrated amplifier with the amazing power of 200/380/700 (8/4/2 ohm) Wrms per channel.
Unbalanced and balanced inputs, plug-and-play cards can be inserted:
- Phono MM / MC unbalanced
- Phono MM / MC balanced
- DAC board. One asynchronous USB input (with galvanic isolation) 32 bit 768KHz and DSD 5.6. Five digital inputs (one optical, one AES / EBU, two SPDIFs, one for Audia Flight SACD transport).
32bit, 192KHz (with Galvanic isolation). Upsampling 32bit 768KHz.

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