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THE EVENT OF 2018 - AVALON SAGA Loudspeakers - EUROPEAN PREMIERE - Saturday 24 March 2018

All listening sessions will be held by previous appointment

We consider this the most important event of 2018 due to the prestige of the acoustic loudspeakers that we present in an absolute European PREMIERE: the new SAGA by AVALON
Built thanks to the experience gained in the study and development of their TESSERACT flagships, from which important technological innovations in the transducers and crossover fields are taken, SAGA betray their "importance" already from the dimensions, cm. 178 height x 37 width x 43 depth, and the weight that for each speaker is of 118 kg.
Three ways and four speakers; two woofers 33 cm. in diameter in Nomex and Kevlar composite of second generation, a concave ceramic midrange of 18 cm. with radial magnets, a 1 " Carbon Glass concave tweeter with neodymium magnet.
The nominal impedance is 4 ohms with an exemplary linearity that never goes below 3.8 ohms at any frequency.

Owners of Acustica Applicata, as official AVALON distributors for Italy, will be present for the occasion.

The set up that will drive the AVALON SAGA loudspeakers will be:

Analog sources:
TW Acustic BLACK NIGHT turntable
Tw Acustic 10.5 tonearm
Acoustic Systems AQUILAR 10" tonearm
Clearaudio GOLDFINGER STATEMENT cartridge
Lyra ATLAS cartridge
Preamp Phono PASS XP25
Preamp Phono Audio Consulting
Master Recorder reel to reeel STUDER A812
Signal and power cables: De Antoni Cables
Power Supply Cables: De Antoni Cables + Furutech

Digital source:
CD / SACD player - EMM LABS XDS1 - V2 Reference

Preamplifier: Spectral DMC 30 SV
Power Amplifier: Spectral DMA 280

Listening sessions are by reservation; this in order to allow a correct and comfortable listening to all the participants.
Listening sessions will be held as follows:
9.30am - 10.30am - 11.30am - 3.30pm - 4.30pm - 5.30pm - 6.30pm

For reservations please call 0544419138
email to:

We are waiting for you!