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AVALON SAGA - A dream come true - Have a listening session in our acoustically

After the official press and public presentation, which took place on March 23rd and 24th, the Avalon SAGA loudspeakers, one of our rarest and most important "pearls", are now available on permanent basis at our certified showroom.

The new project by Neil Patel. The weight is 118 kg. each speaker, the height is 178 cm...


The first comments from journalists who attended the presentation are flattering.
You can read them on the sites: by clicking here by clicking here

Facebook page of FDS by clicking here

More reviews will follow soon on SUONO, AUDIO GALLERY, AUDIOPHILE SOUND magazines.

Inviting all our customers to a listening session, we conclude by quoting what was written by Giuseppe Castelli, editor of Remusic magazine:

"" In conclusion, the Saga is a dream and dreams must be heard. Since SAGA and the system used are part of the resident system of Maurizio, to use a deejay terminology, take advantage of it ... Organize a trip to the California of Italy, between Hi-Tech and gastronomy. Give yourself the chance to listen to a masterpiece. Lose yourself among the Music & Video vinyls and enter the Avalon saga. ""