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New distribution for Italy of Audio Consulting products

Musica & Video is the Italian distributor of Audio Consulting

Music & Video is, as from 1 January 2019, the authorized distributor for Italy
of Audio Consulting ( ).
Serge Schmidlin is the owner and the mind of this brand.
The headquarter of this prestigious brand is located in Switzerland near Geneva.
The current production includes a complete series of electronic devices:

Phono Preampliers
Power Amplifiers

It is a limited series production characterized by a maniacal care in the study and in the realization aimed to achieve a precise goal; a "live" sound that can excite the listener.

The first product distributed in Italy, and available for listening in our showroom, is the "Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier" whose main features are:
  • Solid state circuit
  • Toroidal Silver Rock MC step-up transformer at the input using cryo silver wire
  • RIAA equalization is achieved with resistors and toroidal silver wire inductors
  • Toroidal Silver Rock output transformer using cryo silver wire
  • Gain: 70 dB 
  • Lead/acid batteries as power supply
  • Very low production of heat
  • Power consumption: idle 0.5 watt
  • Hi-Tech transformers for charging the internal batteries supplied
The sale price is set at € 32,500

Find the product page by CLICKING HERE

All other Audio Consulting products are, currently, available on request.