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CDs and LPs lists on offer - The first three lists are now available - About 6300 titles overall!

Loaded the first three lists: CD classical music - CD soundtracks - LP classical music

We have published in the catalog the first three of the many lists of CDs and LPs IN OFFER that will catalog the more than 10,000 titles currently in stock.
It would have been impossible for us to follow the usual procedure of inserting products with which we catalog, normally, all the titles, on vinyl and on CD, which we put on sale on our e-commerce site.
We have therefore decided to group all these products by offering them on offer and dividing them by lists, which can be easily consulted. We have included, as a specification for each title, a whole series of information that will allow easy and unambiguous identification. All individual titles can be purchased simply by clicking on the cart symbol that will automatically enter them in the order.
The first three lists of CDs and LPs OFFERED are those that catalog "classical and operatic music CDs" and the CDs of "original soundtracks and musicals" and "classical and operatic music  LPs"
In total around 6300 titles!

The following lists that will be published in the coming months are the following:
- POP-ROCK music CD
- Jazz music CD
- LP vinyl caskets for classical and operatic music
- LP Pop Rock
- LP Italian artists
- LP Jazz

Accessing the lists and purchasing the titles is very simple.
On any page of our website you will find, on the left, the PRODUCT CATALOG; within this section you will find, highlighted, the CD LISTS IN OFFER section (in the future it will be updated to CD LISTS and LP ON OFFER).
Clicking on this button will access the available lists and you can consult them. At the top of each page you will find well-structured instructions that will allow you to understand the easy navigation and search mechanism.

This is the text of these instructions for CDs:

"Most CDs are open; all are in excellent condition and 100% guaranteed by us. Some, where reported, are factory sealed. Availability for each title is one piece (unless otherwise noted in the notes). The list is updated every 24 hours Any multiple orders received, for the same code, within the 24 hours, will be managed on the basis of who first orders first is served New weekly titles are added Click on the cart symbol and the its title will be entered automatically in it, you can then proceed with the purchase once you have finished your shopping.You can take advantage of all the EXCEL functions using the ascending or descending alphabetical and / or numerical order, for all the boxes present: N. DI CATALOG / LABEL / TITLE / AUTHOR / DIRECTOR / INTERPRETERS / QTY SUPPORT IN THE PRODUCT To do this, simply click on one of the table titles above. carry out specific searches using the SEARCH function by previously selecting the fields to be filtered. Qty media in the product indicates how many CDs (CD lists) or LP (LP lists) is composed of the related title / product (ie how many CDs or LPs are in the package). For any need, please contact us at 0544419138 or 3398794905 or send an email to "

For more information:
Tel: 0544419138 - 3398794905

Good music to everyone!