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Available the new category ORIGINAL RECORDED MAGNETIC TAPES on 7" REEL

Available also the category ORIGINAL RECORDED MAGNETIC TAPES on 7" reel - ON SALE

In this particular moment in which we can continue our business only through our e-commerce site, a moment which is characterized by the cancellation of all the Hi-Fi events (Rome - Milan - Munich) and the forced stop of many of our fellow citizens...  we decided to catalog all the material in the warehouse, previously available only to those who came directly to the shop or visited our rooms at the events we attended.

The first list of products cataloged and inserted in our e-commerce site is the one concerning
About 250 titles divided into:
2-track tapes speed 7.5 ips
4-track tapes at speeds 7.5 ips and 3.75 ips
4-track tapes on offer at 10 euros each title

All are ORIGINAL titles, individually described and cataloged, with original photos of the tape on sale.

All tapes are "sold as is"
We guarantee that both carton box and tape are the original ones.

The next products that we are going to insert on our e-commerce site are:
- a large collection of valves, tested and guaranteed in perfect condition
- about 300 LPs of POP-ROCK-JAZZ and ITALIAN music with prices starting from 2 euro
- about 500 boxset of classical and opera music with prices starting from 5 euro