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Manley Labs - Hi-Fi Line - Made in USA

We are proud to announce that our company has entered into a partnership with the Manley brand concerning their Hi-Fi production line.
From 1 September 2020 Musica & Video is the EXCLUSIVE MANLEY RESELLER FOR ITALY.
A new formula that bypasses the distribution line and whose immediate result is that of
significantly lowering the price list, on average by 25%.
The result achieved is a direct consequence of the parties' desire to make Manley products more
accessible, thanks to a remodeling of margins and a rationalization of the sales process.
Convinced that only a relaxed and controlled listening experience can put the customer in the
condition to choose the product that can best satisfy him, we have decided that all the Manley
electronics at our disposal will be permanently in demo at our audio rooms.
At the moment the two Phono preamps in the catalog, namely the Steelhead and the Chinook, are
available as well as the Stingray integrated stereo amplifier.
All other products are obviously available on request with very fast delivery times.
Technical assistance is carried out both at our laboratory and, if necessary, at Manley’s in the USA.

Manley Price List 2020