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Musica & Video is the Exclusive Authorized Reseller for Italy of Döhmann Audio


September 2020;  Musica & Video is the Exclusive Authorized Reseller for Italy of Döhmann Audio.

Many audiophiles, and insiders, are already familiar with this name.
Winner of countless awards, refined and talented designer, Mark Döhmann in 2015 gave life to a new project by founding the company that bears his name and whose headquarter is in the Melbourne area in Australia.

The HELIX ONE and HELIX TWO turntables are the tangible result of his design and construction work.
Both turntables are equipped with the MINUS K ISOLATION PLATFORM.
Originally designed for use in combination with electron and atomic microscopes (extremely sensitive to environmental resonances), this platform, adapted for use with turntables, isolates the analogue system from the outside world.
However, this feature is only one of the many technologies implemented.
The others, exclusive, are:

Micro Signal Architecture © (MSA)
Negative Stiffness Mechanism Vibration Isolation (NSM)
Mechanical Crossover Technology (MCT)
Tri-Modal Platter system (TMP)
Edge Damping Ring (EDR)
Tone arm Damping System (TDS)
Resonance Tuned Suspension (RTS)
Diamond Like Coating Amorphous Material Bearing Friction Modifier (DLC)
High Torque Adjustable Drive (HTAD)

Döhmann Audio turntables are sold without tonearm; the customer is supplied, as standard, with an armbase suitable for the installation of the chosen arm.
The installation of the arm, or arms, and heads (2 arms can be installed on the HELIX ONE MKII turntable) is carried out by us, free of charge, using advanced instruments including the Smartractor by Acoustical Systems template and the Analogmagik control and calibration system.

An HELIX ONE MK2 turntable equipped with 2 tonearms is available for permanent demonstration at our showroom.

Listening sessions are by reservation.
The complete detail of the set up related to the turntable is, at the moment, the following:

Schröder CB 9” tonearm with Lyra ETNA cartridge
Manley Steelhead RC phono preamp

Ikeda IT-407 CR1 tonearm with Ikeda 9Gss cartridge
Audio Consulting Silver Rock Toroidal pre-phono

Prices and all technical features can be found in the section dedicated to Döhmann Audio turntables.

Our “Döhmann Audio customer service” provides that HELIX turntables are delivered and installed free of charge, by our own vehicle and our staff, throughout the Italian territory (or any CEE European country where no authorized Dealers are available)
The 24-month warranty also provides, for this period, free on-site assistance in both material and labor.