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Supra - Cables of all types for all types

Made in Sweeden cables with the highest quality / price ratio

Quality at all levels

Investment in interconnects and cables in a high fidelity music equipment is about 40 years old and we at Jenving Technology consider ourselves to be the pioneer. 

The fundamental difference between us and our high-end competition, is that we are in a price segment, where some might think there simply cannot be enough sound quality. Our pricing resembles in many cases what you will be charged for a cable in a nice blister pack where the jacket is just a thick plastic and the gold plating probably will not survive even the first connection. We in Sweden are brought up with the inborn attitude that if you are going to offer anything and charge for it, you better make sure it is worthwhile – At Supra Cables, we call it No-Nonsense!


After our dramatic market introduction, we have launched numerous products, all according to the No-Nonsense-Concept, most of them awarded “Best in Test, “Best Buy”, “Priceworthy”, etc. So, how can we be so affordable then? Well, first of all, we develop and manufacture all cables in-house. We use highest material standards that will have deep sonic impact, but nothing more. Cryogenic treatment of Copper with 9N purity? Really?

We are electro engineers, co-operating with Swedish renowned universities and we have a profound knowledge about physically designing a cable to avoid malignant sonic behavior. Just have a quick look at our cables and you will understand - not a mysterious box nor a battery on any of our products. We do not need to compensate, it is sonically benign already from the start. And, we listen to music, not sound!

No-Nonsense Cornerstones

  • Highest commercially available material standard
  • An all through technically based and measureable design that also should be innovative
  • Proprietary design and manufacturing in our own premises in Ljungskile, Sweden
  • Licensed personnel e.g. soldering to military standards 

Get your SUPRA Cable

As a Supra Cable owner you should experience a significant improvement of the musical properties and never again experience a HDMI cable that will not sync even though you are well within alleged specifications. Visit your local dealer, ask to borrow a set, preferably during a weekend and dive into your album collection. You will both hear and feel the difference.