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LP Columbia UK stereo SAX series 2000 and 5000 - Original UK pressings first edition - First titles now available

Over 200 titles will be available within the end of the year

We have recently started (November 15th 2023)
to catalogate our incredible collection of Columbia UK vinyls SAX 2000 and 5000 series.

They are all strictly:
Made in the UK
First pressing ED1

For each title you will find a very detailed description in the product sheet (with many photos available) which also includes the matrix
for each side.

It goes without saying that these are very rare original titles, sought after by all audiophiles and collectors.
On all titles we offer our guarantee of a vinyl and a cover exactly in the conditions described.

You can find them all at the following links:

Columbia SAX 2000 series

Columbia SAX 5000 series

As always.... good music to everyone!