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Columbia SAX 2000 series - 120 titles UK ED1 ES1 - A dream for all vinyl lovers


Starting today we offer an opportunity not to be missed to all music lovers and collectors of rare gems.

We have included in our web catalogue 120 LPs titles of the Columbia SAX 2000 series.
All of them are ED1, ES1, Made in UK and in great conditions.

Very rare original first pressings, highly sought after by collectors and audiophiles all around the world; some of them are considered the "Holy Grail" of all times. All LPs comes from a prestigious collection belonged to an Italian music lover who choosed/collected them and cared for them obsessively.

All are cleaned by our Degritter ultrasonic record cleaning machine.
Each LP has been graded conservatively with the meticulousness that our customers well know.

Inside each LP product detail you will find an even more detailed description than usual, with the specification of matrix numbers for each side and many photos of the covers, vinyls and labels.

Discover all the titles now by clicking HERE