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Acoustical Systems - P.A.S. - The Professional Phono Alignment Set - State-of-the-art aligment tool - From Professionals to Professionals - OUR DEMO UNIT - LIKE NEW!

Acoustical Systems - P.A.S. - The Professional Phono Alignment Set - State-of-the-art aligment tool - From Professionals to Professionals - OUR DEMO UNIT - LIKE NEW!

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Acoustical Systems
The Professional Phono Alignment Set

State-of-the-art aligment tool 
From Professionals to Professionals


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The P.A.S. offers - for the first time - an all-complete set of unique quality professional instruments and tools to ensure perfect set-up and alignment for each and every tonearm, cartridge and turntable - past, present and future.

A custom made in Germany attaché-style aluminum suitcase packed with a extensive and sophisticated selection of - made in Germany and Japan - tools and precision instruments.

This handy, stylish and mobile set offers to the serious audiophile and the professional dealer focussing on analog components and set-up an unmatched universal tool-box to make the best possible analog set-up - and documentation! - a really swift and easy job.

The custom made full aluminum P.A.S. suitcase contains the following:

- UNI-Protractor Set
- UNI-Scope
- LED magnifying glasses 1.5x, 2.5x, 3.5x

- selection of up to 12 tangential geometry templates

- selection of 3 different size precision spirit levels
- selection of 6 size hex wrenches metric
- selection of 6 size hex wrenches inch
- selection of 6 size Philips screw drivers
- selection of 6 size slot head screw drivers
- 8x magnifying metal frame lupe
- cold light battery powered lamp
- azimuth template
- overhang template

- 12" stroboscope disk for 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm - 50 Hz and 60 Hz

- digital cartridge stylus VTF gauge - illuminated - with 0.01 gr accuracy

- manuals and software CD

What does the P.A.S. offer compared to other set-up devices and tools?

With the P.A.S.  the serious audiophile and professional user alike can perform the following set-ups - in unmatched precision, swift, easy:

* precise leveling of turntable, mounting / arm board and tonearm bearing.
* precise checking turntable actual speed - 33 1/3, 45 and 78 rpm - 50/60 hz.

* precisely determine and mark mounting distance P2S with 0.05 mm accuracy.
* true triangular 1-point-alignment for each and every tonearm past, present and future.

This includes also all tonearms with an odd geometry.

Tonearms NOT possible to align to any good results with any standard protractor.

Including tonearms like many vintage SAEC, Fidelity Research, Grace, Toho and many more, which do not follow Loefgren A / Baerwald nor Loefgren B nor Stevenson.

Special optimized templates are available for even the most odd tonearm.

* direct read-out of P2S while aligning the cartridge - an unique option and only possible with these instruments.
* magnifying alignment area by 20x and viewing via Laptop / PC.
* documenting with 20x magnification the quality and precision of cartridge alignment by photo-file.
* inspecting stylus condition and documenting it with 200x magnification.
* angle and distance length measurement for stylus in the smallest dimensions.
* adjustable 8 LED cold-light for alignment spot.
* direct overhang read-out for every tonearm.
* direct look-through azimuth template for cartridge and tonearm.

* precisely adjusting VTF with 0.01 mn (gram) accuracy

In addition:

* all precision tools for attending each and every small to miniature screw - metric and inch - Allen wrench, Philips and slotted head.

Thus making sure, that you won’t run into a situation with an unknown or foreign made tonearm where you can’t attend a needed setting.

The P.A.S. is the true one-of-a-kind all-complete instrument tool-box for the serious audiophile, high-end dealer in analog front-end and professional analog set-up person.