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DERENEVILLE-MAGIC-MAT - New IMPROVED serie - The best MAT you can buy

DERENEVILLE-MAGIC-MAT - New IMPROVED serie - The best MAT you can buy

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The best MAT you can buy

The original Dereneville-Mat optimises the resonance behaviour of your recordings and ensures a significantly reduced micro-dynamics. It counteracts the disturbing micro-resonances, which are produced in the case of thinner plates.

This black mat is silicone coated from both sides with strong glass fibre inside.
The total thickness is only 0,38 mm so normally there is no need to adjust the tone arm height.

Thanks to the excellent handling characteristics, it creates a perfect connection between your records and the plate. The result: improved bass reproduction and an acoustically clean sound image. The depth of the stage is increasing.

It is antistatic. As a result, there are no charges, such as felt. Any dust that may be present from the record remains attached to the mat and will not be distributed to other records.

The original Dereneville mat is antibacterial and is easy to clean with a sponge under running water. Please clean before use.

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