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Live at Tula's - Greta Matassa -- Hybrid SACD Multichannel and Stereo - SEALED

Live at Tula's - Greta Matassa -- Hybrid SACD Multichannel and Stereo - SEALED

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Jazz Stream

Live at Tula's
Greta Matassa


Hybrid SACD Stereo and Multichannel ( plays also on all CD players)

Great sound quality! Hot New Female Jazz Vocalist!

Meet the best jazz vocalist in the Northwest! A vocal chameleon who "can sound husky or crisp, ebullient or wailing, girlish or jaded," Greta Matassa brings new life to these classic jazz standards! Recorded Live at Tula's Restaurant and Nightclub in Seattle, Friday, 12/13/02 by David Keefer and Paul Wietzel.

The philosophy at Jazz Stream Records is to capture the energy and magic that occurs when a performer and their audience interact. These natural recordings involve the listener in the real experience of an actual performance. We're pleased to present to you one night's performance of the Greta Matassa Quartet at Tula's Jazz Club on this SACD.

In the Pacific Northwest, where she built her career, Greta Matassa wins wide acclaim; four times, the readers of Earshot (, the Seattle jazz magazine, have voted her the best jazz vocalist in the Northwest. Seattle Times critic Misha Berson described Matassa as a vocal chameleon who “can sound husky or crisp, ebullient or wailing, girlish or jaded.” Matassa displays all of those aspects of her talent in this live recording made at Tula's Jazz Club in downtown Seattle.

"Halcro strive for musical accuracy; we prefer to hear what was originally recorded & not tamper with the sound through coloration, which while they may idealize one instrument, tend to be cloud the sound. We believe that the ideal musical reference is the live, unamplified recording of acoustic instruments with no compression or limiting employed in the recording. Because once compression is employed the true timbre is lost. As music lovers, we seek out compelling performances (both musically & sonically) from all over the world. We have championed multi-channel music for many years; we relish the MC immersive experience."

"David Keefer's recording of Greta Matassa live in Seattle is one of those rare finds. The recording is so naturally dynamic and the musical interpretation of standards so compelling that you will be unable to use this as background music, rather it screams at you for your attention. My advice is to pour a fine Irish Whiskey for your beloved & yourself, turn off the lights and relax into a wonderful hours entertainment at Tula's Club. Highly recommended."
- Philip O' Hanlon, USA Distributor for Halcro

"I had a chance to listen to the new Super Audio CD and I like what Jazz Stream has done here. Matassa and her backing trio are in the front channels with the vocals mixed to the center channel. The rear channels are used for audience applause and sounds as well as ambience. It works well and Keefer's skills as an engineer are apparent here as the disc offers some very clean vocals and accurate capture of the music. I think jazz fans will like this one." - High Fidelity Review SACD News Story, January 15, 2004. Click Here to read the rest of this great review!

"Sonically speaking, this is one of the best live recordings I’ve heard in quite some time. Absolutely superb all around. I’m so used to hearing live recordings with too much bass, not enough drums or too much reverb on the vocals that I almost forgot what a live recording should sound like. It’s nice to be reminded. "
- Roman St. James, Click Here to read the rest of this great review!

  1. Save Your Love For Me
  2. Ain’t I Good To You
  3. Night And Day
  4. The Nearness Of You
  5. Tenderly
  6. Boy From Ipanema
  7. Black Coffee
  8. Willow Weep For Me
  9. Stompin’ At The Savoy
10. Speak Low
11. The Shadow Of Your Smile
12. I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Bonus Track:
13. For All We Know - Bonus Multi-Channel Only Track!
Total Time: 70:52