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TW ACUSTIC - Braccio Raven 12" - Made in Germany - NUOVO

TW ACUSTIC - Braccio Raven 12" - Made in Germany - NUOVO

Cod. prodotto:
Prezzo: € 6.000,00 € 4.999,00
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€ 4.999,00


Braccio Raven 12"
Made in Germany

Le foto sono quello originali del prodotto in vendita.

Caratteristiche tecniche:
Lunghezza effettiva: 305,1 mm
Distanza di installazione P2S: 289,3 mm
Overhang: 15,8 mm
Massa effettiva: 16 gr.


Offset angle:
20.5 degrees

Löfgren B drawn on IEC radii

Null points:
70 mm (inner) and 117 mm (outer)

Dual pivoted type - using high precision bearings

Special black anodised aluminium

Counterweight material:
stainless steel

VTA adjustment:
via VTA adjuster (+/- 5 mm)

Azimuth adjustment:
Via rotation of headshell

Overhang adjustment:
Via positioning of cartridge in headshell slots

Magnetic Antiskate adjuster

For a long time we have received enquiries about suitable and adequate tonearms for use with our Raven turntables. Until now, we have had to recommend the finest arms from other manufacturers. But finally, we build it.

The arm was created in collaboration with the civil engineer Michael Wiedemann Dipl. Ing, who for several years has applied himself to the science of tonearm construction. The result is an arm that truly reflects the same philosophy as TW ACUSTIC turntables: simplicity and user-friendliness.

From the very beginning it was established that the concept would be a straight, pivoted-type arm. The rigorously selected precision bearings are ultra-precisely adjusted during the production process in order to eliminate any interference in the pick-up process through stiction. To keep effective mass to a minimum, the tonearm is predominantly constructed from a special black-anodised aluminium alloy which intrinsically ensures the necessary stiffness and torsional strength. The effective mass is approximately 16g, which allows partnering with the majority of currently available MC and MM cartridges. This universal compatibility is further underlined by the inclusion of three different polished stainless steel counterweights as standard, allowing any cartridge with an operating weight of between 5g and 20g to be perfectly counterbalanced.

Of course, thanks to its 4-hole flange mount, the Raven 12" can easily be used with other manufacturers turntables.

Tonearm height is adjustable with the zero-float VTA adjuster. This VTA adjuster, derived from that found on our flagship Raven Black Night turntable, allows adjustment of 10 mm on the fly. The headshell is not detachable, but nonetheless allows for azimuth correction. This means that any cartridge system can be adjusted in every parameter! The integral one-piece sonically optimised copper tonearm cable (from the cartridge tags right through to the phono plugs) does the rest ­ ensuring that the delicate signals arrive at your phono stage pure and interference-free.