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Sheila Jordan + Harvie Swartz - The Very Thought of Two -- CD Made in USA

Sheila Jordan + Harvie Swartz - The Very Thought of Two -- CD Made in USA

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EtichettaMA Recordings
TitoloThe Very Thought of TwoTitle
ArtistaSheila Jordan and Harvie SwartzArtist
TracklistVEDI FOTOSEE PICSTracklist
NoteMade in USANotes

The phenomenal "Live in Tokyo" debut concert of the great jazz vocalist, Sheila Jordan (she was married to Charlie Parker Quartet pianist, Duke Jordan from 1952 to 1962) and her long time friend and bassist, Harvie Swartz

Recorded live to two channel DAT on February 4, 1988 at the Vario Hall, the concert kicked off a 10 location tour that I coordinated for them during the cold winter month of February 1988. They played both jazz live houses and concert halls and we all had tremendous fun. 

While on tour they also recorded their 2nd album for MA, which they called "Songs From Within" (M014A).  This was recorded without audience inside the Harmony Hall in Matsumoto, Japan. The sound of Sheila's voice in that hall is startling! And, the deep lucious tone of Harvie's bass has made their 2nd album a favourite with many Audiophiles, especially in Asia....

The bare minimum of microphones used on "The Very Thought of Two" were as follows:

Sheila: Shure SM58 (she had her own Beyer Dynamic, but because of technical issues, for this gig, we used the Shure)

Harvie: Bruel + Kjaer 4006 omni (placed in a sponge(!) around the bridge and body of Harvie's bass)

Hall: Neumann SM69 (stereo microphone)

 The Very Thought of Two has now been officially recognized by the one and only Audiophiliac, Steve Guttenburg! 

You can view the video in which he mentions this album HERE and HERE.  Steve is a real gentle-man and super knowledgable about so many things, but especially about "things audio"

I hope you enjoy Steve's work, as well as "The Very Thought of Two!"

Todd Garfinkle

MA Recordings